As experts across all sectors of the agriculture industry, Agri Talent is able to source a fully compliant, high-quality horticulture workforce for Australia’s growing medical marijuana and hemp industry.

With a solid understanding of the regulations around the production and processing of medical cannabis and hemp, we appreciate the importance of hiring an experienced and fully accredited team. That’s why Agri Talent is rigorously compliant in horticulture recruitment – obtaining licensing and accreditation from relevant parties including Staff Sure, RCSA and the Queensland Government.

Who we work with

Our experience in the wider agriculture industry has given us a solid understanding of issues that can arise. We apply this knowledge to the specific requirements for your medical cannabis farm or facility – ensuring all recruits understand key legislation, security procedures, and restraints.

As commercial marijuana farms in Australia are a relatively new growth industry, candidates rarely have prior experience in the field. Our recruitment consultants have extensive experience in filling positions across the agriculture industry, and utilise our existing national and international network of high-quality horticulture workers to recruit for roles including:

  • Master growers
  • Greenhouse managers
  • Cultivation managers
  • Leading hands
  • Crop workers
  • Irrigation technician/managers
  • Sanitation supervisor/coordinators
  • Warehouse supervisor/managers
  • Contract roles
  • Engineering staff
  • Cannabis industry jobs
  • Cannabis farming jobs

Why clients choose Agri Talent

We appreciate the need for confidentiality is especially heightened on marijuana farms, cannabis and hemp production facilities. We only recruit candidates who recognise the importance of confidentiality and compliance – arranging for the signing of non-disclosure agreements as required.