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Discover top talent for your beef operation with Agri Talent’s extensive livestock industry expertise.

Agri Talent works with family-owned operations and commercial enterprises in Australia’s beef and meat industry, including accredited feedlots, and knows the experience, skill sets and attitudes needed from candidates to succeed in different job roles.

Many of our recruiters hail from regional Australia and have an extensive background in cattle farming, giving them a unique perspective and valuable insights that can only come from a lifetime of experience. Their firsthand knowledge of the industry provides them with a deep understanding of the challenges and opportunities facing beef and meat producers today.

Beef industry jobs commonly placed

Agri Talent boasts a proven track record of successfully placing exceptional candidates into an array of positions with meat industry employers spanning Australia. We have garnered a reputation for excellence in identifying and placing candidates who are not only the best fit for the job, but who are also culturally aligned to their new employer’s work culture.

Our clients frequently seek our assistance in filling critical positions across a broad range of roles, some of which include:

  • Executive management
  • General manager
  • OH&S positions
  • Operations manager
  • Farm manager
  • Farm 2IC
  • Station hand
  • Livestock manager
  • Livestock agent
  • Feedlot manager
  • Feedlot assistant
  • Stockperson

Why the beef industry chooses Agri Talent

At Agri Talent, our expert consultants leverage a proven, process-driven approach combined with an extensive digital network to identify candidates with the right blend of personal drive and performance ability. This enables us to ensure that your next hires are aligned with your higher-level business goals.

In partnership with our sister company, Agri Labour Australia, we maintain Australia’s most comprehensive database of experienced and semi-skilled candidates in the agriculture industry. Prior to going to market to advertise any roles, we conduct a thorough search of our database and shortlist candidates who meet our clients’ specific requirements.

Our deep understanding of the unique challenges and intricacies of the beef industry empowers us to deliver tailored and high-quality staffing solutions that address the specific needs of our clients’ agribusinesses. Our unwavering commitment to excellence in recruitment services, coupled with our profound expertise in the beef industry, enables us to consistently deliver outstanding staffing outcomes that exceed our clients’ expectations.

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