Agri Talent recruitment consultants have delivered reliable, motivated and high-performing employees to the cotton fibre industry for more than a decade.

Our meticulous recruitment process identifies both personal drive and performance ability. We work in consultation with cotton-ginning clients to produce online and on-site training programs, as well as methods to improve seasonal productivity.

Who we work with

Agri Talent staff are highly experienced in recruiting reliable workers for each stage of raw cotton processing cotton industry, including ginning, classing and packing, in order to place outstanding candidates in positions including:

  • Gin managers
  • HSE managers
  • Gin assistants
  • Farm managers
  • Operations managers
  • Trash truck/tractor operators
  • Forklift/grablift operators
  • Cotton ginner jobs
  • Moon buggy operators
  • Feeder bay attendants
  • Seed loader operators
  • Books and bags
  • Cleaners
  • Rovers
  • Cotton farming jobs

Why clients choose Agri Talent

Agri Talent’s reputation within the agriculture industry is second-to-none, which is why we’re the undisputed leaders in our field. We have a pool of more than 80,000 followers – delivering an impressive network we can tap into when looking for the best qualified, most highly skilled workers for a role.

We know it can be challenging to recruit people with the right skills and experience for a position, or find workers with staying power. Our exhaustive recruitment process has been designed to address these key issues, by identifying the right people before fully briefing them on the conditions and expectations of the role. If this sounds like you might be interested in for the upcoming cotton season, contact us by completing the form below.