At Agri Talent, we understand broadacre farming demands a more specialised skillset from its workers than other agriculture sectors.

It’s this knowledge that lets our specialist broadacre recruitment consultants successfully source candidates with the ideal qualifications and aptitude for cropping roles across Australia. Our uniquely tailored recruitment process helps identify the skill-set and suitability of each candidate to find the most suitable fit for our clients.

Who we work with

From cotton, barley and sorghum to wheat, malt and chickpeas, we understand the unique needs of your industry, and can facilitate executive searches and source high-performing permanent staff on your behalf. We’re well-versed in the demands of agriculture work, and only source staff who display the highest levels of both mechanical aptitude, relevant skills and common sense. Our expertise means we regularly place candidates within an extensive range of permanent broad acre farming roles, including:

  • Tractor drivers (skilled at handling ground prep, cultivation, spraying, planting, mulching, laser bucket and discing)
  • Combine harvester operators
  • Cotton picker operators
  • Operation managers
  • Broadacre Farming Jobs
  • Irrigation managers
  • Farm managers
  • Maintenance fitters
  • Agronomists
  • Farm 2ICs