Shaping tomorrow’s leadership landscape

Agri Talent specialises in delivering high-impact Executive Search services specifically catering to the unique needs of organisations in the Australian agriculture sector. Our expertise extends to identifying and securing exceptional individuals for key positions, including Chairs, non-executive Directors, CEOs, and pivotal leadership roles. Whether it’s ASX-listed companies, innovative agribusiness startups, agriculture venture capital funds, or private equity-backed enterprises, we’re at the forefront of finding tomorrow’s leaders.

Our Executive Search is driven by a mission to make agribusiness fit for the future, a commitment we’re able to achieve through our partnership with
Agri Labour Australia, making our combined companies Australia’s leading vertically integrated agricultural recruitment firm.

Strategic planning and risk mitigation

For over a decade, we’ve been dedicated to serving Australian businesses across commodities and that operate right across the agricultural supply chain. Our expertise, proven success, and passion for addressing workforce challenges, such as bridging skill gaps, attracting younger generations to the industry, and ensuring exceptional and skilled senior and C-suite leaders remain in agriculture, has allowed us to build strong relationships and gain unique insights into Australia’s agricultural investment, business, and operational landscape.

When the time comes to replace and/or hire a C-Suite or a Board position, you want to know that your Executive Search partner knows the agriculture industry, is highly experienced in assessing individual performance, and can negotiate executive remuneration packages, as they understand the significance of the decision for your business and its future. Agri Talent’s Executive Search allows our clients to chart their strategic course, mitigate risk, and execute sound plans to realise long-term growth opportunities with the best leadership talent.

Expertise across Leadership Roles


The Board Practice


Chief Operating Officer


Chief Human Resources


General Counsel


Chief Executive Officer


Chief Information Officer


Chief Risk Officer &

Chief Compliance Officer


Chief Corporate &

Public Affairs Officer


Chief Financial Officer


Chief Marketing Officer


General Manager


Chief Strategy Officer

Inside Agri Talent’s Strategic Leadership Recruitment

Our Executive Search is led by Bruce Highfield, whose HR/IR career spanning 38 years includes two decades as a member of executive leadership teams, and  9 years on Board remuneration committees. Before joining Agri Talent, he played a key role in the leadership team of one of Australia’s largest  food and fibre exporters and a global food giant. 

Under Bruce’s leadership, Agri Talent Executive Search delivers expertise in reviewing individual performances, conducting skills analysis, implementing Chair and Director searches, and providing advice on non-executive remuneration and shareholder relationships.