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Delivering industry-leading international recruitment and migration solutions for Australian businesses across the agriculture supply chain, Agri Talent is the experienced recruitment partner you need in your corner.

Alongside our sister company Agri Labour Australia, an approved PALM Scheme employer that has successfully placed more than 50,000 international candidates into short-term agricultural work, Agri Talent uses vast global networks and proven processes and systems to recruit the best talent from overseas for your next permanent role.

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Recruitment support from application to appointment

Agri Talent provides end-to-end project management services throughout the international recruitment process, ensuring that you are well informed and supported, and that all legal requirements are satisfied at every stage.

After gaining a thorough understanding of the requirements for your role, we source qualified, job-ready candidates from around the globe. Drawing on extensive international recruitment expertise, we screen and interview candidates, and work with our migration partner (or yours) to best position your candidate’s visa application for success.

Throughout this process, our team is on hand to provide you and your selected candidate with support and advice on a wide range of issues spanning travel and accommodation arrangements, arrival in-country, as well as being available to provide assistance should any issues arise.

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Delivering Aussie Ag the best from around the world

Agri Talent has in-depth knowledge of every agriculture sector, from beef and broadacre farming through to horticulture, FMCG and every commodity in between, and a track record of successful permanent placements ranging from C-suite executives to warehouse staff. Each of our recruiters is an industry specialist with an in-depth technical understanding of relevant sector roles and their requirements, allowing us to effectively identify candidates with the right experience, skills and attitude to fit your business.

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Our commitment to candidate care

We understand the challenges international candidates face as they adjust to their new life in Australia, and we’re committed to doing everything we can to ease this transition. As part of our unwavering focus on candidate care, we assist candidates with everything from workplace health and safety (WH&S) to forming connections in the local community, ensuring that they are healthy, happy and ready to do their best work.