Agri Talent recruiters have spent a decade placing exceptional candidates within the horticulture industry.

That’s how we know you need a productive, motivated workforce with the skills to do the job to the highest possible standard. Using a rigorous recruitment process we’re able to assess candidates’ motivation and their relevant skill-set. In partnership with our horticulture clients, we’ve developed targets, metrics and on and offline training programs designed to continually improve productivity.

Who we work with

Over many years, we’ve provided experienced workforces of skilled and unskilled workers to the horticulture sector. Roles we’ve filled include:

  • Harvest managers
  • Orchard managers
  • Farm managers
  • General managers
  • Irrigation managers
  • Irrigation controllers
  • Agronomists
  • Operations managers
  • Production managers
  • Quality Managers
  • Farm 2ICs
  • Horticulture jobs

Food processing

Many farms now have their own food processing capabilities and are choosing to develop their own range of value-add products. At Agri Talent, we have a deep understanding of what’s needed to create food processing operations that are both efficient and compliant, and have successfully placed thousands of candidates in a wide variety of food processing positions, including:

  • Packers and sorters
  • Pack-shed managers
  • Production managers
  • QA and QS staff
  • Workplace health & safety officers
  • Value-add specialists
  • Electricians
  • Maintenance fitters

Why clients choose Agri Talent

We understand your business inside out, and ensuring we provide you with quality, high-performing staff is our priority. With that in mind, we brief all recruits on the variable hours and weather-dependent conditions of horticulture work before they begin. With a pool of more than 80,000 engaged followers, we’re able to quickly find the perfect people for your team.