Planning and Supply Manager | Operations Manager

Planning and Supply Manager | Operations Manager

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With an extensive background in Supply Chain, Sales, Operations, and Commercial Management, this candidate brings a wealth of experience encompassing administration, supply chain design, optimisation, new business initiatives, and strategy development. Their focus is consistently directed towards creating value for the company, stakeholders, and customers, particularly within the realm of agribusiness.

As an accomplished Planning and Supply Chain Fertiliser Manager with a robust background in agricultural solutions, they currently oversee a team of nine members responsible for planning and sourcing raw materials, managing logistics, and distributing fertilisers throughout Brazil. They lead Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP) and Execution (S&OE) for the Fertilisers category, including sourcing NPK Fertilizer from local and foreign suppliers. With experience dating back to 2005, the candidate has held various roles, such as Operations Manager, where they successfully managed the closure of a subsidiary, and Sales, Logistics, and Import Manager, overseeing the import and distribution of frozen vegetable products. Their diverse skill set encompasses operations, sales, logistics, and managerial roles, making them an asset in the agricultural sector.

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