Senior Operations Manager | Agribusiness Development Manager

Senior Operations Manager | Agribusiness Development Manager

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Mareeba, Atherton and surroundings – QLD

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With over a decade of hands-on experience in farm management and ongoing studies in Agribusiness, coupled with a passion for leveraging technology in agriculture, this candidate brings a unique blend of practical expertise and visionary leadership to the table. Their proficiency with cutting-edge technologies, combined with a commitment to building trust through ‘fit for purpose’ applications, sets them apart in driving innovation in modern farming practices. With a proven track record in operations, budgeting, leadership, and project management, they have successfully overseen highly complex businesses, showcasing their ability to deliver tangible results. Their journey from ground-level work to senior management provides them with a comprehensive understanding of the agricultural landscape, further enhanced by international exposure and a commitment to industry advancement. This candidate is dedicated to ensuring the continued success and sustainability of the Australian horticulture industry through strategic leadership and technological innovation.

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