In the Australian Agriculture Industry, finding
the right candidate is essential for growth
and success

We connect clients with candidates in every sector of agriculture, from food
production through to manufacture and have often been asked by
agribusinesses and their HR teams – what can you do that I can’t?

While some businesses may be able to source their own candidates, the team
at Agri Talent bring unique advantages to agri recruitment.

Understanding the Nuances of Agribusiness Roles

Our recruiters have an in-depth working knowledge of the agricultural sector.
From crop cultivation to livestock management and everything in between,
we comprehend the nuances of a variety of agribusiness roles.

This extensive and specialised knowledge enables us to identify candidates
with the right skills and experience, ensuring a perfect fit for a client’s
specific needs.

A Lifetime of Connections in Australian Agriculture

We pride ourselves on being industry leaders and establishing robust agriculture networks, both domestically and internationally. Our founders and senior leadership team have not only built successful careers in Aussie ag, but also grew up on the land. This upbringing in regional Australia has fostered deep relationships and connections with producers, graziers and farmers across various commodities.

Adding to our reach, our sister company, Agri Labour Australia, stands proudly as the country’s leading, compliance driven agriculture workforce provider and a respected voice in the industry. By leveraging the established networks of both Agri Talent and Agri Labour Australia, we offer unmatched connections and insight across the vast industry of Australian agriculture.

This extensive network gives us and our clients a distinct competitive edge, allowing us to remain at the forefront of the latest trends, advancements, and talent movements within the sector.

Comprehensive Screening and Culture Fit

We take candidate evaluation to the next level and apply a comprehensive screening and assessment process to evaluate candidates that goes beyond simply checking qualifications and background. Our approach delves into the core aspects that truly define a candidate’s potential and involves gauging their passion for agriculture, their adaptability, and their cultural fit within an organisation to ensure that only the most suitable candidates reach our clients doorstep.

Agri recruitment is a time-consuming and resource-intensive process and the cost of a wrong hire can be significant. By engaging Agri Talent, businesses can focus on core business activities and leave the hiring responsibilities to us. With our specialised, experienced approach, we reduce the risk of making costly recruitment mistakes, saving our clients time and money.

While questioning the need for a specialised agri recruiter is natural, the advantages of partnering with Agri Talent are clear. Our extensive industry knowledge, exclusive access to agri networks, tailored screening, time and cost efficiencies set us apart.