Agri Talent is delighted to announce the introduction of our international recruitment and migration offering.

Led by Skilled Migration Project Manager Will Du, our international recruitment team provides project management services from application to appointment, sourcing and screening international applicants to find qualified, job-ready candidates for our clients’ businesses.

Through our sister company Agri Labour Australia, an approved PALM Scheme employer that has successfully placed more than 50,000 international candidates into short-term agricultural work, Agri Talent has access to vast global candidate networks.

We also have proven processes and systems for recruiting top agricultural talent and a strong track record of successful permanent placements across a full spectrum of positions.

With in-depth knowledge across agriculture sectors and operations, our international recruitment consultants effectively identify candidates with the right experience, skills and attitude for our clients’ businesses.

Through thorough market research and our partnership with a leading migration agent, understand the legislation and conditions surrounding a candidate’s ability to successfully migrate to Australia for work purposes. Working with our migration agent, or your preferred agent, our team ensures that your international candidate’s visa application is the strongest it can be.

As a founding member and leader of our growing international recruitment team, Will Du brings extensive experience of the process and the potential challenges it presents for employers, having played an important role in more than 350 successful migration cases to date.

“We often recruit internationally for high-tech positions, and the visa requirements are far more complicated – both for the applicant and the employer. It’s a much more intensive process for the employer, and they rely on us to guide them through it.”

If you need the support of a knowledgeable team to navigate the international recruitment process, Agri Talent has got you covered – give us a call on 1300 015 132 to discuss your requirements.